Tante Bandung Bugil

Tante Bandung Bugil
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Luxury or expencive apartment by tante:
Luxury apartment with expensive cost is reasonable, but not necessarily expensive luxury apartments. For that we must be selective in choosing a apartment as a residence. Let us not be fooled if the ad. Researching past well before we choose the apartment.

Service ABG SMU

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ABG SMU Bugil, Telanjang, 
The existence of the spa facilities at the hotel is very popular with hotel guests. SPA waiter usually is Beautiful girl. The waiters SPA is the gorgeous girls who are young. Spa Tourism today is one of the latest trends for tourists who vacation. For that quality improvement and service quality and the SPA should not carelessly.

The need for education ministers SPA for customer satisfaction is very important. If the customer is satisfied, then one day a customer will come back to stay a hotel room because of good quality SPA services.

Tante Bugil Denpasar

Tante Bugil
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Differences in hotels and apartments by Tante:
Hotel is the most popular place to stay. Ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Under the 1-star hotels are usually called melati hotels. Hotel rates are usually quite high. Owned hotel star classification that depends on the facilities and services provided.
Type of accommodation intended for tourists and are generally used in a long time and at holiday time. Unlike hotels that only provide bedroom and bathroom, if the apartment is usually the amount of room for more than one and there is kamartamu, dining room, plus kitchen and facilities.